Farmers are the central element of 30 Sec Milk™ ecosystems. 30Sec Milk™ is a local product by definition and should be produced in the place of its origin. Industrial milk is faceless and can be produced hundreds of miles from the cow which it was taken from.

Farmers may start with as little as just one 30Sec Milk™ machine at their farms. This is the main difference between 30Sec Milk™ Farmer License and Business License.

The other features are quite similar.

  1. Select your business model (read Business Licensees section for details).
  2. Do your homework for distribution channels.
  3. Contact your 30Sec Milk™ representative for an offer.
  4. Buy a 30Sec Milk™ Farmer License.
  5. Start production of your consumer-ready non-mixed milk with unique taste and flavor.
  6. Enjoy higher income and appreciation of your customers.

Within licensing agreement, 30Sec Milk Group will provide you with technology, technical maintenance, supply of branded packages, and brand support in internet, your local communities, and mass media.