Why 30Sec Milk™ is different ?

Why 30SecMilk™ is different?

30SecMilk™ differs from any other milk on retail shelves or even farmer’s markets. Because it is as close to natural milk consumed by calves as modern health and safety standards allow. Here are some facts.

  1. 30SecMilk™ packed within 30-50 seconds after it leaves the udder. It has no contact with outer environment in the technological process. It is as natural as the milk that a calf drinks directly from its mother’s udder.
  2. 30SecMilk™ has its taste, its face, and its story. It is the only non-mixed milk in the market. You can trace content of each specific pack of 30SecMilk™to the specific milking session of a specific animal by looking at your cow’s profile on our website. The profile contains pictures and data on breed, age, location, feeding and other important facts. Just type cow’s ID number (printed on each pack of 30SecMilk™) in the search box in the upper right side of every page of our site and press “View Profile” button. Any other milk you find in supermarkets or even at farmers’ markets has been mixed from different animals and thus has no individual taste.
  3. 30SecMilk™ is the real whole milk. It contains the exact amount of fat and cream from specific cow at specific moment of milking. Depending on breed, specific cow and its diet, fat content may vary from 2,5 to 8 percent. Fat cells in30SecMilk™ had no story of any mechanical impact like fat cells in industrial milktornapartin high-speed centrifuges. Since these fat cells are lighter than the rest of milk, they float up and make a layer of natural cream on the surface of 30SecMilk™. Some people do not like the texture of cream in their milk. Just shake well 30SecMilk™ before use, and your cream will dissolve in the milk for some time.
  4. Any fresh milk contains strong natural components to kill harmful bacteria. It is a proven fact that any fresh milk resists to these bacteria within 30-90 minutes after milking depending on temperature and density of microorganisms in the environment. That is why experts recommend breast feeding to newborns whether they are human babies or calves. 30SecMilk™ is chilled and packed within seconds while milking is in progress in sterile environment without any impact from outer air. For this reason, 30SecMilk™ remains biologically active and blocks growth of bacteria for a much longer period than any other fresh or pasteurized milk. Laboratory tests prove that if properly refrigerated, 30SecMilk™ is guaranteed to retain its taste and freshness within 7 days for raw milk and 30 days for pasteurized milk.
  5. 30SecMilk™ has its silver lining. On the way from the udder to the sealed pack, 30SecMilk™ flows within channels covered with a layer of silver. Silver gives extra protection against harmful bacteria by adding its active ions into our milk. Between milking sessions, silver layers along with regularly activated quartz lamps protect our hermetically sealed equipment from potential contamination from the outer air.
  6. Farmers produce two types of 30Sec Milk™: raw and pasteurized. Classic pasteurization assumes milk heating up to 72,8 degrees Celsius at least for 15 seconds. 30Sec Milk™ is pasteurized within this classic pattern. But future models of 30SecMilk™ machines will incorporate a technology that will protect our milk from harmful bacteria without impact of such high temperatures.Sale of raw milk could be limited or even banned by local regulations. Farmers are well aware of these restrictions and comply with them in their states.
  7. 30SecMilk™ has no record of strong mechanical impact. After leaving the udder, 30SecMilk™ flows by itself pulled down by small pumps only. Our equipment does not contain high-speed centrifuges and other high-impact equipment typical for every stage of industrial milk processing.
  8. 30Sec Milk™ is eco-friendly.Industrial milk production is a very resource-intense process. We do not spend resources on transportation of our milk to processing facilities, multi-stage processing, storage, etc. 30Sec Milk™ is processed and packed in less than a minute while milking session is in progress. Our milk gets to retail shelves directly from farms. In addition to it, we use light multi-layer soft pouches that are much lighter than traditional glass or plastic bottles or laminated carton boxes.