Company structure

Following is our vision of future 30Sec Milk business structure.

30Sec Milk™ business is built around intellectual property development. Its holding company -  30Sec Milk Group - operates from Luxembourg. 30Sec Milk Group holds international set of patents, know-how and trademarks and sells licenses to use 30Sec Milk™ technology and brand worldwide.

In order to develop 30Sec Milk™ technology and brand, 30Sec Milk Group delegates many support functions to outsourcing companies. Company co-founder Prof. Belonosov has an engineering team in Spain that conducts on-going development work for 30Sec Milk Group. A manufacturing company in Sweden makes 30Sec Milk™ machines and ships it directly to our licensees all over Europe. Pouch makers ship 30Sec Milk packages to several warehouses in Europe, and local logistical companies ships them directly to farms. Several technical teams provide field maintenance support for 30Sec Milk™ machines installed at farms in different regions.