About The Project

Would you appreciate if someone mixed different wines from several bottles in your glass? But it happens to 100% of milk that you drink: industrial milk is mixed from thousands of cows and heavily processed on top of it.

In 2008, Prof. Alexander Belonosov was picking up his daily soft pouch of milk in his supermarket and suddenly understood that he could invent a machine that would fill milk directly from a cow right into such a package – with no standard processing stages between the udder and finished consumer product. It took him a while to study the problem and understand that it was solvable by engineering efforts.

In 2012, Prof. Belonosov joined his inventing efforts with seed financing from Dr. Andrei Kuteinikov – serial business angel who had worked with Prof. Belonosov on a seismic technology venture in the past. They filed a patent application and hired a team of engineers who built the first prototype of 30Sec Milk™ machine by spring of 2013.

30Sec Milk™ is a compact all-in-one machine that extracts milk from a cow, pasteurizes it, and packs into consumer-ready packages while the cow is milked – all in less than a minute.

We mean it: non-mixed, consumer-ready, right at farm!

Farmers love it because nowadays they have to sell bulk milk to processors at or below cost. With 30Sec Milk™ technology, dairy farmers will sell directly to retailers/consumers and need no processors.

Consumers love it because 30Sec Milk™ offers natural milk traceable to specifying milking session of a specific animal – full of individual taste and flavor in each package – like wine.

30Sec Milk Group does notplan to sell equipment or milk. Our business model assumes sale of licenses to use our technology and brand for farmers and entrepreneurs and provide them with equipment, packages, maintenance, and brand support within these licensing agreements (sort of Coca Cola business model for small businesses). Our licensees will build their own distribution channels to retailers and/or even directly to consumers.

The idea is to build 30Sec Milk™ as a strong global brand while technology is protected by patents. Meanwhile, our licensees will compete with each other for better business practices and consumer attention in their locations.

As of July 2013, prototype field tests were in progress and the business founders are looking for partners/investors who would love the idea of natural non-mixed milk and invest their resources into it. Business launch expected in Europe in one year from the moment when next-round investors step in.