Welcome to the pilot web site of 30SecMilk™.

We are proud to present our innovative – yet the most traditional product – NATURAL MILK!

Our grandparents remember stories by their parents about idyllic times when milkmaids delivered fresh milk to their porch every morning. These times seem to be gone forever. As modern cities grew, the physical distance between dairy farms and our home fridges became so big that unprocessed milk turns sour before it reaches urban consumers.

Milk became an industrial product. Modern urban consumers drink milk which is far from its origin. Milk production means mixing milk from different cows, multiple stages of transportation, centrifuge and high-temperature processing,fat stabilization, taste additives, etc. The main purpose of the process is not the consumer quality of milk but maximization of shelf life for the benefit of logistics and retailers. As a result, consumers buy standardized milk with a long shelf life but without any individual taste.

But the dominance of industrial milk comes to the end. 30SecMilk™ turns back idyllic times of our grand-grandparents. Our milk is even more natural and has the same individual taste as the milk delivered to your grand-grandparents’ door a hundred years ago. At the same time, 30SecMilk™ complies with all modern health and safety standards and has a convenient shelf life.

30Sec Milk™ is extracted from a cow, processed and packed within seconds upon this milk leaves the cow’s udder. We made it possible by innovative technology first patented in 2011.

Field tests of the technology started in February 2013. You can watch it here.

If you area milk lover - drink 30SecMilk™, the MOST NATURAL AND THE ONLY NON-MIXED MILK in the market.

If you are a dairy farmer – join the community of farmers who produce 30SecMilk™, get rid of processors’ dominance and earn the income you deserve.

If you are an entrepreneur – build a link between farmers and consumers, make both ends happy and become a rich person.